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Data sharing workshop

On December 14th, 2012, NeuroInformatics.NL hosts a workshop on Data sharing.
This workshop presents seven opinions on data sharing, to address these key issues:

  • Will inclusion of other institutes' data boost your research?
  • What about loosing your competitive edge?
  • What about patient privacy?
  • What about publications and citations?
  • What about people deriving wrong claims from your data?
  • Should public money only be spent on Open Access projects?
  • Are scientific claims based on inaccessible data acceptable for publication?
  • How to share massive amounts of data?

Workshop 'Connectomes' with David van Essen

The Donders Institute presents:

International Workshop 'Connectomes', in memoriam of Rolf Kötter

Neural Systems Modeling Symposium

Place: CWI, Room L120, Science Park 123, 1098XG Amsterdam
Date: 19 November 2012
Time: 11am - 18pm (drinks at 17.15)
Subject: Systems Neuroscience Modeling
Please register by November 10.
Download the POSTER to advertise the event!

Clinical Applications Workshop

Place: University of Groningen, Bernoulliborg, Nijenborgh 9, faculty room (12:30-13:00), room 253 (after 13:00), directions
Date: 5 october 2012, (12:30 reception) 13:00 - 17:00
Register: by 27 september, here

One-year master program at Newcastle University, UK

[from Markus Kaiser]

A newly-established one-year master degree program in Neuroinformatics will start in September this year at Newcastle University, UK. The course focuses on handling brain connectivity datasets, analyzing electrophysiological recordings, and simulating neural activity and development.

New rules for INCF Travel Grants

The INCF Travel Grants fund neuroinformatics researchers and students who wish to travel for scientific collaborations.
Beginning January 2012, the rules for these grants have been updated in order to emphasize scientific collaboration between Nodes and knowledge transfer in research.