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About us

Neuroinformatics is an emerging field of study that uses informatics to bridge the gap between (1) the large volume of complex or high-dimensional data being generated in neuroscience labs and (2) the computational models and analysis methods needed to analyze and interpret these data, with the aim of understanding brain function and malfunction. Key ingredients are databasing, data mining & data sharing; international standards & nomenclature; data analysis and visualization; and computational models.
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NeuroInformatics.NL is driven by a coordinating team and a steering committee. Financial support comes from NWO through its National Initiative on Brain and Cognition (NIHC) programme.

Coordinating team

  • Paul Tiesinga (chair, contact & address)
  • Rembrandt Bakker (coordinator, email:
  • Moniek Lijster (NIHC contact)
  • Gea Hulzebos (secretary)

Steering committee

Formatted as: Name (institute), area of expertise

  • Paul Tiesinga (RU Nijmegen), computational neurobiology, data analysis
  • Jaap van Pelt (VU Amsterdam), neuronal morphogenesis
  • Boudewijn Lelieveldt (Delft/Leiden) : visualization, data analysis
  • Guus Smit (VU Amsterdam): system biology, databasing
  • Bart Ter Haar Romenij (TU Eindhoven): image analysis, visual system
  • Martin Kersten / Arno Siebes (CWI/Utrecht): databasing
  • Fons Verbeek (Leiden): image analysis
  • Nick Ramsey (Utrecht): brain-computer interface
  • Rob Heinsbroek, Leon Kenemans (NIHC)