Mission Statement

(Dutch version)
Neuroinformatics is an emerging field of study that uses informatics to bridge the gap between (1) the large volume of complex or high-dimensional data being generated in neuroscience labs and (2) the computational models and analysis methods needed to analyze and interpret these data, with the aim of understanding brain function and malfunction.
Key ingredients are databasing, data mining & data sharing; international standards & nomenclature; data analysis and visualization; and computational models.

The mission of NeuroInformatics.NL is to create a vigorous neuroinformatics research community in the Netherlands and to give it a prominent place in brain and cognition research. It acts as the Dutch national node for the INCF (International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility), which coordinates the contributions of its member countries through joint meetings and international task forces.


  • brings together neuroinformaticians and neuroscientists from various other scientific disciplines by organizing national workshops and symposia
  • supports data-intensive research by developing infrastructure that makes neuroscience data accessible, thereby accelerating research progress, opening up new research areas and facilitating clinical applications.
  • facilitates collaboration with companies in order to use neuroscience findings to develop biology-inspired algorithms for information processing and implement new therapeutics for brain disease.
  • promotes education and training of neuroinformatics MSc and PhD students.
  • represents the Netherlands in the INCF, contributes to formulating INCF policies and apply these in the Netherlands, and looks after Dutch interests by identifying international collaboration partners.
  • facilitates finding funding opportunities for neuroinformatics research from Dutch and European agencies.