XNAT Neuroimaging Data Management meeting, August 22-23 2015

XNAT is an open source web-based system to manage neuroimaging and related study data. Data providers can upload data (from local files or from a PAC system) into XNAT, and share it with collaborators with various access levels. XNAT is actively developed as part of the Human Connectome Project, and is widely used in research centers that process MRI data.

There is a lot to learn about XNAT when it comes to seamless integration in existing software/hardware situations, and that is why XNAT developers meet regularly to share experiences. On 22 and 23 September 2015, such a meeting is organised in the Erasmus MC. It is aimed at users and developers of systems which interact with XNAT or XNAT itself. The format of the meeting will be a hackathon and has a focus on being productive and building a national developers network for everything related to XNAT. This initiative comes from the BBRMI-NL2.0 project and is organised by the BIGR group and Radiology. Contact person: Marcel Koek (m.koek@erasmusmc.nl)

The main part of the meeting will take place on the 22nd of September with an tentative day on September 23. Initially this meeting is intended for people working with XNAT in the Netherlands.

To have a productive meeting we need to pool as much expertise as we can get together and come up with solutions for problems we encounter during our work with XNAT. It is helpful to define small projects up front. The projects are defined by (1) what the problem is and (2) the proposed plan to solve the problem. The projects are not limited to programming projects, it can very well be a project to discuss future directions, or have brainstorms on next project proposals, etc...

To participate, please send an email to Marcel Koek with a description of your project or a topic you like to discuss during the meeting.

Website: http://xnat.bigr.nl/index.php/XnatMeeting2015